Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. As long as we are all respectful towards each other, and try not to limit each other’s rights.

In an ideal world, no one would ever do anything offensive, no one’s feelings would ever be hurt, everyone would agree, and there would be peace. That isn’t ever going to happen.

I’m an idealist. An optimist. But I know that people often times say things they don’t mean, or make statements without having an understanding of the implications of their words. There are sayings and words that have become ingrained in our society to mean something that they don’t actual mean.

I try not to jump to conclusions about a person when it comes to these things. I try not to jump to conclusions period. I especially try not to judge a public figure (celebrity, actor, politician, etc.) too harshly for statements (okay, it depends on the severity of the statement) made off-hand in front of a crowd. Speaking off the cuff is hard, even to a seasoned professional. Things get said that may not have the meaning you apply to it, or an opinion may be expressed that they haven’t had time to flesh out or develop.

Good, kind people can say things that I find offensive or off-putting. But does one statement define that person? Or are we all growing and developing our thoughts and opinions every day?

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